FX-2 deTEC Gas Detector
The FX-2 deTEC is a feature-packed, industrial-grade, toxic gas leak detector. The high visibility design of the detector makes it easy to see in a room full of equipment, or an industrial environment. It is an affordable expandable device that is designed for long life under today's heavy industrial requirements, and is compact enough to take minimal wall space. The FX-2 can be configured as a single channel or a dual channel leak detector.
FX-1500 Series Single Channel Gas Detector
• Remote Electronic/display unit.
• Sensor can be located as far as 2000 feet from display unit.
• 3 Alarm Levels: Caution, Warning and Danger
• Configurable auxiliary output relays.
• L.E.D display of gas concentration in parts per million.
• 105 dB piezo alarm horn.
• Relay outputs for all alarm and sensor failure levels.
• Optional 4-20mA re-transmission output available

FX-1500 Series Dual Channel Gas Detector
The Foxcroft FX-1502 series of toxic gas leak detectors are perfect for monitoring two different gases or two gas container storage, generation or use areas, simultaneously. The remote display unit can be located in a control room or safe area, outside or away from the potential gas leak.  
FX-1500 Series Four Channel Gas Detector
  Gas types available for each channel.
Carbon Monoxide
Chlorine Dioxide
Hydrogen Chloride
Hydrogen Cyanide
Hydrogen Sulphide
Nitric Dioxide
Nitric Oxide
Sulphur Dioxide