Self-regulating Heating Cable Therma-LinX Series

Performance Ratings
Output wattage:
5,8,10 w/ft at 50F

Supply Voltage:
Nominal 120VAC

Continuous maintenance temperature:
150F (65C)

Maximum exposure temperature:
175F (80C)

RSCC Therma-LinX
120 Volts
5, 8,10 Watts/Ft @ 50C
· Pipe Heating Cable, Industrial and Commercial
· De-Icing and Snowmelting Equipment

The Therma-LinX series of self-regulating heating cables are designed to supply a specified amount of heat at any point along their length in direct response to local temperature/thermo-dynamic variations. These cables were developed to simplify the installation of heat tracing systems. Therma-LinX cables are preterminated for ease of connectivity and installation. The round, triaxial design makes the cable flexible in all directions. All components in the system are waterproof to insure long life at connection and termination points.