Self-regulating Heating Cable Series 2000

Performance Ratings
Output wattage:
5 through 30w/ft @ 50F
(other wattages also available)

Supply voltage:
110-120 or 208V - 277Vac

Continuous maintenance temperature:
375F (190C) max

Intermittent exposure temperature:
450F (232C) max

Braid resistance:
Tinned copper: 0.003 W/ft
Stainless steel: 0.125 W/ft

*T-Rating (Consult Factory)

The 2000 series of self-regulating heating cables are designed to supply a specified amount of heat at any point along their length in direct response to local temperature variations. These cables can maintain temperatures up to 375F (190C) and will withstand 190 psig saturated steam purging and intermittent temperature excursions to 450F (232C) with power applied.

2000 series cables can be cut to length and terminated in the field, and will not overheat or burnout when overlapped.