PurePoint Filter Elements

Full Line of Elements
By combining research, design and development with inoovative manufacturing and quality control, PurePoint offers a comprehensive range of filter elements in varying materials and grades of efficiency.

Many Filtration Grades
Standard grades of 25, 5, 1 and 0.01 micron ratings are available for both particulate and oil coalescing. Vapor removal elements are also available. In addition to standard grades, PurePoint offers elements for medical and sterile air as well as critical use autoclaves.

Unique Element Design
A durable element design combines a high dirt holding characteristic with a high flow capacity. This results in long life and low energy losses. High-efficiency boro-silicate glass microfiber media removes particulates and coalesces oil mists. Stainless steel support cores and an external drainage layer of polyester needlefelt provide strength and durability. A "push-on" feature reduces maintenance downtime and allows filter housings to be installed in confined spaces.