F960 Series Standard Industrial Filters
Available in 0.25" to 3" connections, flow capacities from 15 to 1250 SCFM (at 100 psig), and 9 filtration grades. F960 Series Filters are rated for 250 PSIG MWP at 225°F. All units include push-on elements. Accessories include differential indicators, wall mounting kits, connector kits and automatic drain valve.

150 and 250 PSIG

F970 Series Instrumentation Filters
Available in 1/8" to 1" connections and flow capacities from 5 to 90SCFM (at 100 psig). Housings are made of aluminum and finished with an anodized coating for corrosion resistance. Models that operate at 150 PSIG MWP at 120°F have a polycarbonate bowl and models operating at 250 PSIG MWP at 200°F have a metal bowl.

1500 and 5000 PSIG
F980 Series High Pressure Filters
Available in 21 housings with 0.25" to 2" connections, flow rates from 15 to 670 SCFM (at 100 psig). These housings cover 3 pressure ranges (725, 1450 and 5000 PSIG) and each housing has 9 different filtration grades. All housings are 316 Stainless Steel.
F980 Filters ĘC 725 PSIG MWP F981 Filters ĘC 1450 PSIG MWP F982 Filters ĘC 5000 PSIG MWP
F985 Series Vacuum Exhaust Filters
Available in 0.5" to 3" connections and flow capacities from 10 to 325 SCFM. (Flow is Vacuum Pump Replacement.) The F985 series filters consist of a cast aluminum filter housing and a 0.1 micron filter element. These filters are suitable for both rough and high vacuum applications.
F985 Series Vacuum Exhaust Duplex Filters
Available in 0.5" connection and flow capacity of 10 SCFM. The F985 Series Vacuum Exhaust Duplex Filters consist of a cast aluminum filter housing and a top and bottom filter elements.
F990 Series Welded Steel Filters
These filters are welded steel construction. All housings are built and stamped in accordance with ASME Code and operate at 250 PSIG MWP and at 225°F. Available in flow capacities from 500 to 5000 SCFM (at 100 psig) and 10 filtration grades. High temperature units are also available rated for 165 PSIG at 450°F. Filter elements are supported by a reusable stainless steel internal rod and hex fastener.
F992 Series Welded Steel Filters
The F992 series filters include 9 housings with flows ranging from 1500 to 20000 SCFM (at 100 psig). These filters are welded carbon steel construction and are rated for a maximum working pressure of 250 PSIG at 225°F. The top-loading feature permits quick and easy element replacement. High temperature units are also available.
V995 Series Mist Eliminators
High-flow, low-cost coalescing filtration. Mist eliminators range from 125 to 10000 SCFM (at 100 psig). Housings are designed with 1/16" corrosion allowance and operate at 150 PSIG MWP at 300°F. These units provide long-term oil removal with minimal pressure drop for lubricated compressor systems. The element is designed for 10 year operating life.