Air Dryers

Single Tower Absorption Dryers

Single tower dryers are the most versatile and cost-effective dryers manufactured today. Operation is energy-efficient; no external power source is necessary. Single tower desiccant dryers prevent moisture contamination by suppressing the moisture dew point by 20°F or more at inlet air temperature of 100°F. Moisture is removed from the air as it passes through a bed of moisture-absorbing desiccant. Since they can be installed indoors or out, these dryers are very adaptable to changing conditions.

Small Single Tower Absorption and Adsorption Dryers

By reducing the pressure dew point to ĘC40°F from inlet air temperature of 100°F or less, the AD series dryers prevent moisture contamination. Moisture is removed from the air as it passes through a cartridge full of moisture-adsorbing silica gel. These dryers are excellent for point-of-use applications.
Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

Regenerative desiccant dryers supply the best possible protection for pneumatic instrumentation or sensitive process air. Twin towers containing special desiccants absorb moisture. Standard pressure dew point is ĘC40°F. Dew points as low as ĘC100°F are possible.
Refrigerated Dryers

Precision-engineered for efficient, reliable, long-lasting service. Refrigerated dryer operation is totally automatic with virtually no maintenance required. These dryers provide dependable dry air, saving energy during operation while providing a steady 35-39°F pressure dew point.